14 Best Car Insurance Companies 2022

When you hit the road, feel confident that you, your loved ones, and your pockets are properly protected. Let us worry about the risks of the road while you enjoy the freedom of the ride” is a popular quote from a classic car Insurance company.

People, as much as possible should not drive out from their garage in the absence of adequate protection for their assets.

This assertion becomes handy because Classic Car insurance Companies are basically structured in such a way that it prevents harm from coming to an asset which increases value over time and also safeguards you from lots of losses if your asset is involved in an accident.

With the above comes the need for a classic car to be safeguarded. Therefore, the question of which company is the best Classic Car Insurance Company becomes a necessity.

The focus of this study is therefore based on the 14 Best Classic Car Insurance companies in the world. Their coverage options and merits will also be fully explored to enable you to get the best insurance policy for your asset.


15 Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

  • Hagerly
  • Lealand-West
  • Heacock
  • Grundy
  • American Collectors Insurance
  • American Modern Insurance
  • Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group
  • State Farm
  • American National
  • Farmers
  • J. C Taylor
  • Condom Skelly
  • Geico
  • Progressive
  • American Family

#1. Hagerly

Hagerly happens to be the most suitable for a classic asset that is in the process of restoration.

The Classic asset in this situation is qualified for a special coverage which includes a 10% increase in the value of each quarter and also $750 tool coverage and a customized toll-free number for the towing specialist to and from the shop.

This coverage, more importantly, is open for project cars so long as evidence of works can be shown on how the asset is restored.

Coverage Option

Age Of Vehicle: Any age can qualify if the asset is in a good state and at least has a value of $3,500

Regular Use Allowed: No, a different insurance policy for the asset and a daily driver is required.

#2. Lealand-west

Lealand-West tends to be the most appropriate insurance policy for individuals who possess a lot of classic assets.

This classic car insurance company takes the lead among others because they provide about $50,000 insurance for all qualified classic assets and individual buys plus an already existing asset being protected. 

Lealand-West in addition protects numerous newly purchased assets that are collectors-items which entails costly assets like Rolls-Royce and Ferraris.

Coverage Option Of Lealand-west

Age Of Vehicle: This is not specified in any asset which is qualified to be collected.

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#3. Heacock

Heacock was established in 1989 and the Headquarters is located in Lakeland, Florida. This classic insurance is most appropriate for owners who are searching for a professional customer experience. Customers usually commend the classic car insurer’s personnel and their individual services.

Heacock provides all patterns of car insurance and includes roadside aid with no additional price. The asset value is agreed upon by the company and the owner of the asset.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: Any, if your car lives Heacock’s Collector Car Lifestyle requirement.

Regular use allowed? No, you cannot use the car as a daily commuter. There’s a limited number of miles per year.

#4. Grundy Insurance:

Grundy Insurance was established in 1947 and its headquarters is located at Horsham Pa. This is termed to be the best insurance for classic cars which has a fast addition in value.

The asset insurance policy accounts for 100% of the car’s value in a discovered absolute loss environment. 

Grundy Insurance Company announces a 5-star rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) which shows the company’s total input in their customer’s service.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: 25+ years but exotic cars can be any age.

Regular use allowed: No, cars should not be used for daily movement.

#5. American Collectors Insurance:

It was founded in 1976 and has its headquarters at Cherry Hill, N. J. The American Collectors Insurance is purchased all through the USA.

It has a 4.5- star rating from AM Best which indicates that they possess a credible strength in meeting their customer’s need.

This company provides roadside aid, theft reward, cosmetic damage depending on the level of coverage purchased.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: Any, if the car has collector merit.

Regular use allowed: No, your car can’t be used for daily movement

#6. American Modern Insurance Company

This was established in 1965 and has its headquarters in Cincinnati. American Modern Insurance provides a lot of additional safeguarding alongside the six standard insurance coverage like agreed value loss settlement, spare parts, towing, trip Interruption, pet, new purchases.

Although it doesn’t have my rating from BBB, Its customer service rating is interwoven as it offers additional service during the process of restoration which entails destructions done by or to spare parts as they are being used in this process.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: Not specified, as it is based on the type of car

Regular use allowed: No

#7. Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group

This company is an excellent choice for protecting spare parts because they offer about $2,000 in spare parts coverage.

In addition, they create room for owners to purchase other coverage if there is a need for them to increase their standard $2,000 coverage.

#8. State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance has its headquarters in Bloomington, USA. It has always been recommended for its affordability and discount rate. The 100% satisfaction of customers is adequately guaranteed.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: 10+ years

Regular use allowed: No

#9. Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance is an insurance company founded in 1928 which has its headquarters at Woodland Hills, CA.

The farmer’s insurance group is an excellent choice for insuring automobiles. In addition to this, it provides other financial service products.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: Not specified

Regular use allowed: Not specified

#10. J. C Taylor

J. C Taylor is an insurance company founded in 1947 which has its headquarters at Upper Darby, PA. J. C Taylor appears to be the best option for automobiles. It has also been able to attain an A+ rating from BBB.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: 19+ years

Regular use allowed: Yes, but has to be seldom

#11. Condom Skelly

Condon Skelly is an insurance company that started providing insurance services to its customers way back in 1965. Its headquarters is at Cherry Hill, NJ. 

Over time, Condon Skelly was discovered to be the best option for automobiles and it is also exceptionally good at its customer service.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: Not mentioned

Regular use allowed: No

#12. American National

American National is an insurance company that was established in 1905 and has its headquarters in Galveston, Texas.

It is highly rated for their automobile insurance policy and they offer a splendid service to their customers. They also offer roadside services and collision coverage.

Coverage Option

Age of vehicle: Not specified

Regular use allowed: Not specified

#13. Geico Auto Insurance:

Geico Auto Insurance is the best option for insuring a classic car because of its affordable insurance policy.

Another benefit of insuring in Geico Insurance company is the fact that individuals have the ability to manage and control their account online if the insurer is not available.

In addition to this, Geico Auto Insurance company offers protection for property damage, medical, collision, and comprehension. It also offers a large discount policy to customers.

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#14. Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive Auto Insurance is one of the top insurance companies which was established in 1937 and has its headquarters located in Mayfield Village, Ohio. 

So, individuals who would like to save money should go for this. It is also excellent in its discount policy and its coverage includes comprehensive and collision, uninsured and underinsured motorist, liability, and roadside service.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What type of car can be seen as a Classic car?

A classic car should be at least 25 years old. It is also an exotic, ultra-luxury, and high-performance asset.

How much does it cost to insure a classic car?

The price of insuring a classic car is based upon a lot of factors, therefore it is difficult to say an average price. However, it can range from $200 to $600 yearly depending on how valuable the asset is

What does a classic car insurance cover?

It covers the same as traditional car insurance which includes liability, medical emergency, road assistance, collision, medical damage.

How to find the best classic car insurance company

Each one of the classic car insurance companies has different requirements it meets.

As such, try as much as possible to be sure of your classic car requirement, then select the most appropriate classic car insurance company.

How to qualify for a classic car insurance

Your asset should not be your frequently used car. In addition, it must be securely kept in an enclosed garage or other safe location.


For you to have a lasting Classic asset, there is a need for Classic Car Insurance Companies to be pursued. The best Classic Car Insurance Companies and their coverage areas have been successfully explored.

Following this, every classic asset owner has been exposed to the classic protection policy to guarantee adequate coverage of their assets.

Therefore, get a quote today and have a safe and free ride in your sphere.


  1. This assertion becomes handy because Classic Car insurance Companies are basically structured in such a way that it prevents harm from coming to an asset which increases value over time and also safeguards you from lots of losses if your asset is involved in an accident.

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