Airtime Giveaway By Sitehustle

Please comment below if you get any of the airtime.

More Giveway Coming In The Evening evenin Stay Tune.


  1. Before I could even open the site, you guys have finished recharging everything πŸ˜πŸ™„

  2. People no dey calm down at all lolz Dem don use am sharp sharp I hail ooo my comrades

  3. Admin there is a lot going on in this site that most of us don’t longer understand
    1) The daily login of 200 that is stated on the website that when we login everyday we will be getting 200 we are not getting it when we login
    2) The earning on commenting on post it’s just 10 naira per post now
    3) Viral post that u people said is 150 its not longer 150 again it 10 naira
    4) Referral earning it not longer adding to our dashboard again when we refer it stay’s in unverified member
    5 withdrawal activity earning it’s too high how can we be earning 10 naira per post and u put withdrawal activity earning at minimum of 15k
    So many people are doubting the eligibility of the site
    Pls he us look into all this complains

  4. Missed it again
    What JOHN ANWAGH Said here is πŸ’―% trust,pls admin you need to do something about it.
    Thank you!