Viral Post June 13th

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  1. Admin there is a lot going on in this site that most of us don’t longer understand
    1) The daily login of 200 that is stated on the website that when we login everyday we will be getting 200 we are not getting it when we login
    2) The earning on commenting on post it’s just 10 naira per post now
    3) Viral post that u people said is 150 its not longer 150 again it 10 naira
    4) Referral earning it not longer adding to our dashboard again when we refer it stay’s in unverified member
    5 withdrawal activity earning it’s too high how can we be earning 10 naira per post and u put withdrawal activity earning at minimum of 15k
    So many people are doubting the eligibility of the site
    Pls he us look into all this complains

    • You have a point and I’ve been noticing such tooπŸ€”
      I keep getting all sorts of questions after people register under me because what we were told is no longer what we see here and it makes it look asif everything is false. How do we intend meeting up with all these happening including the Referrals that you try so hard in getting people convinced to Join and at the end, it will be stated as Unverified?

      Please something should be done about it because it serves as an encouragement for our HARDWORK and PERSISTENCE πŸ₯ΊπŸ™

  2. dey just cum dis world world wish u u go go chop fr me me i no go fit even sell i ask my birthday is at