Viral Post June 8th

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    • You will have to long press the first word of the post, it will change to blue color, then drag down and make sure the remaining words are covered aswell with blue. Then free the texts, you’ll see a display of options including (Cut, Copy, Paste, Select all, etc), click in copy then go to your Facebook page, click on the space for “WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND”, long-press and you’ll see another option again of “PASTE”, click on it and the post you copied from this platform will display and afterwards, you can now post/share

    • Just go through the menu list at the left part of ur phone, click on it and you’ll see the different ways listed there

  1. I have been trying to copy and paste but it will rather copy everything on the screen

    • Interested but you guys saying copy and paste any content from site hustle site is not allowed.

  2. Thereโ€™s no link to perform task, can you please direct me. Iโ€™m a newbie

  3. I have certain amount under news earnings but 0.00Naira on earnings beside where they wrote Refferal at the bottom right of the page. Kindly explain pls

  4. Everyone asking how to share the viral post go and read instructions I just shared mine

  5. Samr issues I’m having here.
    I can’t see where to share the sponsored post.

  6. If this platform is really gonna help poor ones for free, it’s gonna be the best platform this year

  7. Please direct me on where and how to share this viral postโ€ฆI canโ€™t see where to send it through to my Facebook